Fancy a taster of a flapjack flavour before committing to a box of 20? Here's the best way!

Our flapjacks are deliciously healthy and energy-boosting, plus are great for gut health! What's great about them is that they can work as a healthy snack option or part of a weight management plan.

Features: High in Fibre | Source of Protein | Gluten-free | Suitable for Vegetarians | Cold Pressed | No Added Sugar | 3 x Flapjacks

Snack healthily from our range of flapjacks. Choose from either Cranberry Coconut, Cacao Orange or Nutty Peanut. Each 30g bar provides an energy boost at less than 120kcal between meals as well as helping promote healthysustainable weight management as an alternative to poorer snack choices.

Our flapjacks are a healthy combination of cold pressed fruits, gluten-free oats and in some flavours nuts and peanuts. Each bar also contains the award-winning and natural ingredient SlimBiome®, which helps you feel fuller for longer. We also ensure that our flapjacks don't include added sugar, syrups or fillers. 

Enjoy them as a satisfying energy-boosting snack between meals, before or after exercising, on the way to work or as a delicious treat. Ultimately, you can decide!  

If you’re looking at a weight management routine, pair our flapjacks with our meal replacement shakes to help keep weight at bay or even off. They partner up to keep you feeling fuller throughout the day, providing you with a healthy, wholesome snack in-between meals with nutritional goodness! Goodbye hunger pangs, hello productivity! 

What makes our flapjacks so special?

  • Don't hold yourself back from being productive because of hunger pangs. Feel fuller for longer, and crack on with your day not worrying about when the next meal is
  • Eating sugary snacks can lead to glucose/ energy spikes and then slumps. The GoFigure range helps maintain levels due to its slow energy releasing ingredients, keeping you consistently on the ball
  • When carrying out consumer surveys on consumption, we also found that consumers had fewer cravings for fatty and sweet foods. If you struggle with a sweet tooth, this might just be the answer
  • When you're feeling fuller for longer, this means there's less willpower needed to keep the weight off

What are the benefits of including SlimBiome® within GoFigure? 

This science-backed ingredient works in 3 ways:

  • Promotes the feeling of fullness which can help reduce food cravings
  • Contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels
  • Promotes good gut health and microbiome diversity

    SlimBiome was specially formulated by Professors from Reading, Sheffield and Liverpool universities, including Prof Jason Halford, chairperson for the Association for the Study of Obesity.

    ‘I see SlimBiome as an important evidence-based product that will impact very positively on obesity outcomes’,  Prof Halford Ph.D. C.Psychol. (Health) AFBPsS.

    You can also find our products on Amazon, in Revital and WholeFood stores plus selected pharmacies across the UK! 

    Results may vary from person to person, depending on diet and lifestyle.


    We never use any artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives.

    We pack in healthy proteins, oats, fibre, to make our bars deliciously snack-tastic and a nutrient delight. We also don't add any added sugar at all.

    Cacao Chocolate

    Gluten Free Oats [Oats (14.4%), Oat Bran (10.8%)], Cashews, Chopped Dates, Sultanas, Vegetable Glycerine, Cacao Nibs (4.3%), Cacao Powder (3.5%), Cacao Butter (3.5%), [Chicory Root extract, Konjac Fibre, Chromium picolinate, (SlimBiome®)], Natural Orange Flavouring.

    Cranberry Coconut

    Gluten Free Oats [Oats (22%), Oat Bran (7%)], Sultanas, Pineapple Infused Cranberries (20%) [Fruit Sugar (Pineapple) (64%), Cranberries (33%), Pineapple Juice Concentrate (1.75%)], Coconut (12.3%), Chopped Dates, [Chicory Root extract, Konjac Fibre, Chromium picolinate, (SlimBiome®)], Glucomannan (Konjac Root Extract), Chromium Picolinate], Vegetable Glycerine, Sunflower Oil.    

    Nutty Peanut

    Chopped Dates (34.8%), Gluten-Free Oats [Oats (8.9%), Oat Bran (5.5%)], Air Roasted Peanuts (18%), Sultanas, Blanched Peanuts (6.4%), Sunflower Seeds, Vegetable Glycerine, [Chicory Root extract, Konjac Fibre, Chromium picolinate, (SlimBiome®)], Natural Caramel Flavouring.

    Allergen Advice: For allergens, see ingredients in bold

    Made in a facility that also handles dairy, soya, gluten, sulphites and other nuts. 

    Best Way To Enjoy GoFigure

    Our flapjacks are the perfect snack for between meals and are a fantastic healthy option to the classic high-calorie snack choices that have limited nutritional value.

    The great thing about our bars is that they help you feel fuller for longer. Now, you might say, all foods do that after eating them, right? With the GoFigure range of products, it’s different. They’re high in fibre and contain a source of protein, and with the inclusion of SlimBiome, hunger cravings can be pushed back further vs normal foods. If you find yourself snacking too often, GoFigure might just be the answer you’re looking for.

    If you’re looking for a weight management or weight loss routine. Then consider by combining the flapjacks with our meal replacement shakes.

    Replace breakfast and lunch with one of our healthy meal replacement shakes packed with protein, vitamins and minerals and not to mention super greens. Once consumed, drink a glass of water or a cup of herbal tea to improve the effectiveness. If you're on our 2-2-go planour energy-boosting flapjack snack bars go perfectly between breakfast and lunch, and then again between lunch and dinner. They're full of oaty goodness and helps to keep you feeling full thanks to SlimBiome. This means you can be on a par 600 calorie meal plan plus a healthy dinner of your choice, without feeling the hunger pangs but still have all the healthy goodness, vitamins and minerals required as part of a healthy diet!

    To make our shakes, simply use a blender or shaker to mix 250ml (1/2 pint) or 350ml of water (depending on how thick you like your shake) with a serving scoop of powder. Drink shortly after shaking. Drink an additional glass of water or herbal tea to follow up with.