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About GoFigure

The GoFigure range is the answer to hunger-free yet calorie restricted dieting, with products full to the brim with healthy, natural ingredients, designed to be consumed at home or on the go. It is the ideal choice in partnership with a healthy lifestyle.

Our experts have worked day and night formulating the perfect products, and not only are they nutritionally fantastic, you will not see any artificial colours, only taste natural flavours, and appreciate the absence of added sugars (our sweetness comes from Stevia).

Why choose GoFigure?

We are different from all other weight management products on the market, and we’re proud of that. We’re different because we’re driven by science and what helps to make our range unique, is the inclusion of SlimBiome®, a patented, award-winning ingredient found within each of our products.

In short, SlimBiome® works by stimulating the growth of healthy positive bacteria in the digestive tract to affect hunger levels, the blend of prebiotics and dietary fibres helps also to create a longer-lasting feeling of fullness. In conclusion, you can say goodbye to hunger cravings!

The power of your microbiome

GoFigure works on enhancing the microbiome (a key part where the good bacteria lives within the gut) in providing improved gut health due to the inclusion of prebiotic fibres. The good microorganisms found here play a key role in our health and wellbeing.

The composition of the gut microbiota also changes over a period of time as a diet changes, meaning what you eat plays a very important role in our health and wellbeing. So ensuring our gut health is looked after is super important.  

When we carried out a consumer survey, we found:

100% of customers over a continued period lost weight. Equalling an average of 2-3lbs per week, leading to a reduction of 7-9 lbs over 3-weeks.

100% of customers reported that using GoFigure® products helped reduce their food intake.

93% of customers reported reduced snacking.


How GoFigure helps to

Promote the feeling of fullness

So you don't need to be thinking about that next meal after you've only just eaten the last one

Maintain blood glucose levels

Our products provide slow release energy which helps reduce glucose spikes which help maintain healthy glucose levels and also reduce food cravings

Promote good gut health

The inclusion of prebiotics an dietary fibres helps with improved microbiome diversity. After all a #HealthyGut leads to a #HealthyLife

Reduce cravings

Research has supported SlimBiome to help reduce cravings for sweet and fatty foods

Doesn't rely on willpower

When you're feeling fuller for longer, there is less effort required to push back those annoying yet constant food thoughts

The UK is facing an epidemic when it comes to weight, with evidence showing that those who are overweight are more likely to get cancer than that of an individual of a healthy weight. According to Cancer Research UK:

  • Obesity is the 2nd biggest preventable cause of cancer in the UK alone. With 5% of cancer cases contributed to excess weight.
  • The risk is higher the more weight a person gains and the longer they are overweight for

GoFigure has been developed to help you, help yourself, and does not only help individuals to lose weight healthily, but it's sustainable too, leading to successful long term weight loss.

Meal Replacement Shakes, Flapjacks and Muesli for will-power free weight management

Our healthy meal replacement shakes contain protein, vitamins and minerals, a super green complex, natural flavours and sweetened by the natural Stevia. Our flapjack snack bars come filled with gluten-free oats, dates and sultanas as well as fruit and/or nuts. Last but not least, each of our products contains the award-winning ingredient, SlimBiome®, which can make a scientific health claim for weight loss in relation to an energy-restricted diet. Now, you might be thinking, well if I am on a restricted diet, I will lose weight anyway, right? Well, we know that's easier said than done. Which is why this ingredient helps you feel FULLER for LONGER. Fewer calories doesn't have to mean greater food cravings, in fact, it's the opposite! With GoFigure, fewer calories leads to fewer food cravings, making it a win-win

Our customers average weight loss is between 7-9lbs over 3 weeks! Achieved both healthily and sustainably. That's weight loss akin to over 1kg per week! If this is what you’ve been looking for, you can achieve this by replacing breakfast and lunch with one of our meal replacement shakes and then top up with a delicious and nutritious flapjack between meals. This means a flapjack between breakfast and lunch, and then another between lunch and dinner. Oh and by the way, did we mention dinner is up to you? Just keep it healthy! This is what we call the 2-2-go diet plan, and don’t forget some exercise!

Our products are not just about weight loss, but they can also help with maintaining the hard work you've already put in. Our products, after all are about supporting healthy weight management. For this approach, simply lessen the number of shakes to one a day and at a meal time that's best for you plus a flapjack if you feel the need. This will help you steer clear from tempting unhealthy snack choices. Plus, from only £1.61 per meal, think how much you could be saving every lunch time.

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