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Brands found on the OptiBiotix Online store contain scientifically supported ingredients that help tackle some of the most prevalent health issues globally - excess weight and elevated cholesterol, which are known for causing added pressure on health systems across the world. That's why we have invested in science to tackle these key areas and provide products that help you, to help yourself improve health and wellbeing.

Going on a diet doesn't have to mean hunger pangs 24/7. Products in our weight management range contain the multi-award-winning SlimBiome®, and are backed by scientific studies to reduce food intake and curb cravings, whilst keeping you feeling fuller for longer. Whether it’s meal replacements or snacks from GoFigure®, through to the weight loss aid SlimBiome® Medical. Our products help you to achieve your goals, the science-backed way. They're also packed with fibre to help support a healthy gut and diverse microbiome.

Tackling elevated cholesterol levels through natural means is now achievable through the CholBiome® range. Containing the patented probiotic LPLDL® which takes cholesterol from the blood and utilising the microbiome-liver axis, it helps dispose of it through bile salt synthesis. Scientific studies and consumer results have shown total cholesterol reductions from as much as 40%.

Think snacking healthily isn't possible? Think again with our SnackSmart® Fruit & Fibre Gummies! They are high in fibre and made to support gut health, and the word is out. They taste amazing! With more fibre in a serving than your typical bowl of cereal (a serving is 40% of the daily adult intake), it's not your typical gummy.

Our mission here at OptiBiotix Online mission is to provide health and well-being focused products that are scientifically supported and offer real evidence-based results. Harnessing the power of the microbiome for improved gut health that come with added benefits such as weight and cholesterol management. Our products stand out from the crowd in providing real health benefits that come supported by both scientific and consumer results.