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Improving health and wellbeing through science

Introducing Our Science-backed Brands





Improving health, through science

OptiBiotix Online is on a mission to deliver health and wellness products which are based on prebiotics and probiotics and fully supported by scientific evidence. We strive for consumers to have access to better health, naturally with products they can trust to deliver results.

Our current range of products have one theme in common, and that's to provide health benefits in connection with our microbiome. This part of our system plays an important role in the health of our gut and throughout the rest of our body. Research has found that the gut and its state of balance is connected to our health and plays a part in health areas such as how we lose or gain weight, and also the management of our cholesterol levels.

Three combined elements make the products found at OptiBiotix Online unique


Clinical Trials

Key Opinion Leaders

When a product states it provides a health benefit, it must have the evidence to support it. That’s why our products contain specialised functional and patented ingredients, which are backed by years of scientific research.
The patented ingredients which make our products different are supported by human studies ensuring they demonstrate safety, tolerance and efficacy. This also means our products have been subject to rigorous research to support the statements we make.
We are lucky to work with thought leaders in the field of microbiome development. Both LPLDL® found in our CholBiome® cholesterol management probiotic range and SlimBiome® in our GoFigure® weight management range are supported by voices that carry knowledge and understanding.

Supported by key opinion leaders in the microbiome field

Professor Glenn Gibson
University of Reading
Professor Jason Halford
University of Liverpool 
Professor Bob Rastall
University of Reading
Professor Patrice Cani
Université catholique de Louvain, Brussels