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OptiBiotix Online Subscription - How to Guide


Subscribing to OptiBiotix online products is simple, easy and flexible. Allowing you to order our science-backed products and not have to worry about forgetting to re-order. You can amend addresses, add new products, change the quantity or cancel at any time should you wish. Whether for CholBiome, GoFigure, SnackSmart, SlimBiome Medical or all 4.

For starters, the great thing about subscribing is that you get 10% off your first delivery, and then 15% off future orders after that (so long as you don’t cancel). You also get a reduced delivery cost too! Please note we can only process orders through credit/ debit card means, and at this time, are unable to process via PayPal, Google Pay, etc.

How to set up a subscription
How to create an account
Your account dashboard
Edit your product subscription
Adding new products to your subscription

How to set up a subscription

  • To subscribe, simply head to any product found on the OptiBiotix Online Store
  • Click “Subscribe & Save”, and then choose how often you want your product delivered. Don’t worry, you can change the date and frequency from the page Manage Subscriptions
  • Click Add to Cart. Then either continue shopping to add more products to your subscription or head to the cart page by clicking the shopping basket in the top right. For the best results, combine orders and delivery days.
  • Head to the cart page when ready. Here you can review your subscription order. Proceed to checkout.
    1. Note: It helps to be already signed in to your account if you have one!

How to create an account

You will need to have an OptiBiotix Online account in order to manage your subscription(s). If you don’t have one already, it’s super easy to set up. This can be created after the subscription has been made, although it is best to create an account before to ensure a smoother operation. Already have one? Move to the next step.

  • Simply click on Create account found at the top of the page found between Sign in and Checkout.
  • Fill out the form with your details and click Create account.

Your account dashboard is where you can see the status of existing orders. You’ll then want to head to the Manage Subscriptions dashboard to manage upcoming orders, such as delivery dates, swap products, remove products and so forth.

Your account dashboard

Your Account area initially shows your order history. Click the Manage Subscriptions link at the top of the page to head to the dashboard.

This dashboard is where you control what goes on with your subscription. You can see what you have subscribed too and make amends here such as:

  • Next order date – See the date of the next order and change it if need be
  • What products are in the upcoming order
  • The delivery address
  • The order frequency, which can be adjusted as needed (from every 1 week up to every 9 months)
  • The current subscription status
  • Product and shipping information

Edit your product subscription

Click View/ Hide details to expand/ detract the drop down menu. When expanded, this is where you can alter your subscriptions, simply click the word to display the below.

  • Address and shipping information – Amend your shipping and billing address as needed
  • Payment information – Manage the payment information
  • Products In your subscription – Edit the quantities of products and flavours
  • Manage upcoming orders – See your foreseeable future orders planned out. You can edit the quantity received here too
  • Discount codes – Should there be specific discount codes for the subscription service enter them here to apply a further saving
  • Transaction history – View all orders to date, including order number, price, tax and shipping paid and date created
  • Cancel subscription – Should you wish, you can cancel your subscription at any time before an order has begun processing (typically the day of the order). No strings attached. We’ll of course be sad to see you go

Adding new products to your subscription

  • Simply head to OptiBiotix Online and sign into your account.
  • Shop as normal and ensure you select Subscribe & Save when adding to cart, then follow the usual process. You can alter delivery dates with your Manage Subscriptions dashboard
  • Alternatively, you can email us ( with your new choices and preferences, and we can sort it out all for you
  • If you no longer want a product in your subscription, simply set the products quantity to 0 to remove it

Want to subscribe to some products, but then make a one time only purchase of another?

  • For the products you want to subscribe too, simply follow the steps as above
  • Then, for the one off product(s), instead of clicking Subscribe and Save, simply click One-time purchase.
  • head to your kart, and proceed as normal.

You're all set to go!

If you have any further questions, just drop us a message below and we'll do our best to help out.

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