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Earn Vouchers By Sharing The Word!

Successfully refer a new customer to the OptiBiotix Online store, and get a £5 in-store gift voucher!

Each time you successfully refer a new customer, you earn a voucher to spend!

How does it work?

Step 1:

Share the word of the OptiBiotix Online store with a friend, family, colleague, why not even your neighbour! The important part is that the individual can't have purchased from OptiBiotix Online before.

Step 2:

Share the discount code REFER25 with them, this means they will get a neat 25% discount off their first purchase when ordering a product (please note this code is only usable once per person).

Step 3:

Advise them of the email address you (as an existing customer) use for the OptiBiotix Online store, and ask them to add this to the notes section of the cart page when placing an order.

Step 4:

Upon successfully receiving an order from a referral, that includes your OptiBiotix Online email address, you will be emailed a £5 OptiBiotix Online gift voucher. Please allow 5 days for this to appear in your inbox.

Step 5:

Repeat steps 1 to 4 for additional gift vouchers!

The referral discount code is specified for new customers whom have not purchased from the OptiBiotix Online store previously. New customers whom have not purchased before who submit their own email addresses as a referral in order to receive a £5.00 voucher will not be classified as a successful referral, as much as it is worth trying!
For orders placed using the REFER25 discount code that experience a refused delivery (with intent), then we reserve the right to cancel the Gift Card to the referrer.
The OptiBiotix Online Referral programme is running until 31st March 2019.