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CholBiome Testimonials

Arne Rehne - CholBiomeX3

As a 74 yr old with a prior history of CVD and a stent put in 10-15 years ago, taking CholBiomeX3 over 3 months elated me in finding the below results, absolutely astonishing:

  • Blood Pressure was 134/62 it is now 122/56 - 9% reduction
  • LDL level was 3.3 mmol/L it is now 2.4 mmol/L - 27% reduction
  • My HDL levels remained unchanged
  • Total Cholesterol was 4.6 mmol/L it is now 3.8 mmol/L - 17% reduction

Sima - CholBiomeX3

Within 4 weeks it lowered my cholesterol from 9.6 to 7.4. If that's not proof enough I don't know what is! I discussed these results with my consultant who still maintains that I must use statins as he doesn't know what the other effects of CholBiome might be. I am adamant to push on.

I have FH with a mutation ApoB so my cholesterol level is genetic and can't be lowered by any other means. And believe me I've tried. So all in all I'm very pleased with CholBiome!

Jane. O - CholBiomeX3

After my husband had a heart attack in 2018 and had 2 stents fitted, the hospital insisted he start taking statins to reduce his cholesterol levels. Instead, he insisted he was not taking statins, as we had heard so many detrimental facts about taking them. Shortly after this he discovered CholBiome supplement. We both are in our 70s now and both taking them. Both our cholesterol levels are way down now , with the supplement and a healthy diet we have never felt better. I work full time and my husband walks our German shepherd about 5 miles a day. We would recommend these to any one with high cholesterol levels. Thank you.

Paul. A - CholBiomeX3

My interest was triggered as I’ve been a Type 1 diabetic for over 40 years and not using any drugs for controlling cholesterol or BP. My GP, at the time, put me on statins about 12 years ago and after a couple of weeks I’d gone from being reasonably fit to struggling to walk any distance. No mention by the GP of statin side-effects so serious panic on my part. Time on Google threw up an article about side-effects of statins describing exactly what I was experiencing. After some further reading the statins were thrown in the bin and I developed a lifestyle built around exercise and diet that has worked for me since. However, despite having well controlled cholesterol levels and never having had elevated BP readings it’s hard work and I would like to indulge in food passions, such as cheese, more frequently than I do. Enter stage left LPLDL.

Bi-annual review last week and I can only describe the results as spectacular and without any change to lifestyle. This stuff really does work and not just for folks with high readings at the outset which is where the marketing thrust has focused. Total cholesterol back down to 4.8 (the NICE target for people with no heart disease risk factors is 5 and for those with risk factors it is 4. I’m more than happy with being under 5 because of the contribution made through diet and exercise). However, what the medic and I were really pleased with was the non-HDL reading. Non-HDL is a recently introduced reading that takes into consideration all bad cholesterols, not just LDL. The target for diabetics is 2.5, previously mine was 2.8, last week it was down to 2.2! Over the moon. BP was static at 110/70.

I have changed nothing with regards to my lifestyle that could have resulted in these improved readings other than to start using CBx3. I cannot recommend this product highly enough no matter what levels of cholesterol or BP you’re trying to improve.

My plan is to continue with CBx3 until my next review in August/September2019 to ensure last week wasn’t an anomaly and then stop until my next review to measure changes.

Bernie. F - CholBiomeX3

  • Got my results after 3 months of taking CholBiome.
  • P cholesterol down from 5.7 to 4.6.
  • Good cholesterol (P-HDL) stayed the same at 1.7.
  • P-LDL/HDL down from 2.1 to 1.7.
  • P-LDL (bad cholesterol) down from 3.6 to 3.0.
  • Blood fat (P-Triglycerider) down from 1.25 to 0.67.
Very good results considering the period also included a very heavy beer and bad food intake over Christmas. I haven't changed anything working out or food wise over the whole three months.
LPLDL really does work and I now have my own proof! I would recommend anyone who has high readings to take this. Cheers.

Alastair. D - CholBiomeX3

I am very happy with the speed and efficiency of the delivery of my orders.
Test Date 05/01/2018 - Total cholesterol 7.54 mmol/l / LDL cholesterol 5.13 mmol/l / HDL cholesterol 1.66 mmol/l Cholesterol Total/HDL 4.55

Test Date 14/09/2018 - Total cholesterol 6.2 mmol/l / LDL cholesterol 3.92 mmol/l / HDL cholesterol 1.85 mmol/l Cholesterol / Total/HDL 3.35

Leo M - CholBiomeX3

After having my first child in my 40s my cholesterol had jumped up to 7 over a three years. In turn so did my life insurance by £100 a month. Started taking the x3 for 4 months and my last test was 4.5. Life insurance went back down, money saved and health in check.

Phillip J - CholBiomeX3

Very happy with the results I have now come off statins by using CholBiome for 3 months, overall Cholesterol is now 4.6 was 7.5.

PC - CholBiomeX3

I have just had my cholesterol results after 3 months on CholBiome X3 and I am very happy with my results:

Total 4.9 from 5.4
HDL 1.7 from 1.5
LDL 2.7 from 3.5
Triglycerides 1 stayed the same
Cholesterol to HDL Ratio 2.9 from 3.7

The decrease in LDL is outstanding 30% and increase in the good which is amazing!

Jock - CholBiomeX3

The most incredible cholesterol results with CholBiome X3! I am so pleased.

Total 4.6 from 7.1
HDL 0.9 from 0.7
LDL 3.1 from 5.5
T-only 1.3 from 2.1

… Essentially 35-50% reductions after 6 months of 1 per day and a welcome increase in HDL! Hurrah!

I have been battling for 10 years to get improvements without statins - diet, exercise - but no go.

Jonathan L - CholBiomeX3

Blood test before and after 3 months of these total cholesterol down 5% good cholesterol up 30% corrected cholesterol around 10% improved hence the second order

Ben B - CholBiomeX3

My cholesterol has fallen from 6 to 4.5, and my blood pressure has dropped a few points too!

Anon Customer - CholBiomeX3

I tried CholBiomeX3® for four weeks and saw a reduction in my cholesterol levels from 235mg/dl (6.08mmol/L) to 176mg/dl (4.55mmol/L).

Anon Customer - CholBiomeX3

Been taking the CholBiomeX3 for almost 1 month now. My BP has been in the range 165/170 over 95/97... anyway went to the docs today ... BP 135 / 80 ... Cholesterol 4.0. I will continue paying my 30 quid a monthish.

Kewal R - CholBiomeX3

I started taking the tablets around end February 2020; unfortunately due to lockdown, it was difficult to adjust my diet as much as I wanted (consuming less saturated fat makes a huge difference to cholesterol levels). After three months, making a few adjustments to my diet, continuing my exercise regime and my cholestoral is DOWN! LDL Down, HDL UP, Triglycerites DOWN. My blood test (beginning of June) showed that HDL and Triglycerites were both in "Good" levels, and my total cholesterol and LDL were is "moderate" levels.

Chris G - CholBiomeX3

X3 working great. Also I have read that it has been stopping allergic reactions, my wife suffers from hay fever so she stopped taking antihistamines and tried taking Cholbiome X3, hay fever is gone, unbelievable!

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