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CholBiome®BP reduces blood pressure in adults with high-normal levels

Derosa G

Gaudio G

D'Angelo A

Maffioli P


CholBiome®BP is a supplement formulated to improve blood pressure, containing the patented LPLDL probiotic strain, Thiamine, L-arginine and Co-enzyme Q10


The aim of this study was to investigate the blood pressure reduction capabilities (both systolic and diastolic) of CholBiomeBP in patients with high normal blood pressure.


An independent, pilot 12-week, clinical study in 40 adults (males and females over the age of 18) with high normal blood pressure (systolic blood pressure 130-139mm Hgm, diastolic blood pressure 85-89mmg).


  • Diastolic blood pressure lowered by up to 3.4%
  • Systolic blood pressure lowered by up to 3%
  • LDL lowered by up to 8.5%
  • Total cholesterol lowered by up to 6.6%

A daily dose of CholBiomeBP was completely safe and well tolerated and showcased statistically significant results on blood pressure.


The study carried out by the University of Pavia confirmed the formulation containing LPLDL, L-arginine, Thiamine and Co-Enzyme Q10 (CholBiomeBP) demonstrated statistically significant improvements on high-normal blood pressure and hypercholesterolemia.

Conflict of interest
The authors declare no conflict of interest. This human intervention study was funded by OptiBiotix health PLC and carried out independently by the University of Pavia.