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SlimBiome: The key ingredient to solving Nichola’s weight management challenge

With a wedding looming, Nichola’s weight was the highest it had ever been in February 2020, when she found herself looking back at pictures from a recent holiday. The 32-year-old was unhappy, suffering from anxiety and struggling to sleep. In less than six months, Nichola was due to get married and knew that she needed to change her habits if she was to fit into her dream dress.

Health Challenges

Earlier in life, Nichola had been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid condition (hypothyroidism). Those who suffer from hypothyroidism often suffer from tiredness, weight gain and feelings of depression or anxiety. While there is no way to prevent hypothyroidism, there are ways to help control the condition, including weight loss and regularly taking hormone tablets to replace those that have been negated.

Due to these additional health challenges, Nichola rarely had success with weight loss programs like Weight Watchers or Slimming World. For the latter program, she only managed to lose 2lbs in six months. While these weight loss plans may work for others and are great for short-term goals, they certainly were not adequate for Nichola’s body composition or health conditions.

Satiety with SlimBiome

Nichola found solace in the GoFigure Diet, featuring our SlimBiome. Backed by science and human intervention studies, SlimBiome transforms the way weight loss is approached by offering a healthy, hunger-free weight management system rather than simply relying on willpower alone. Not only does this make SlimBiome sustainable for long-term weight loss goals, but it is also much easier for people like Nichola to follow due to its positive impact on the gut microbiome.

Taking approximately 3 grams of SlimBiome per day through the GoFigure range from OptiBiotix, Nichola’s usual routine involves consuming either the Muesli or Porridge for breakfast, a shake for lunch and two flapjack bars as snacks throughout the day. On occasion, Nichola will mix her routine by consuming a sachet of SlimBiome Medical – the CE marked medical device from OptiBiotix that can be used in combination with a calorie-restricted diet – before dinner, instead of a shake at lunch.

“By taking SlimBiome, my anxiety has reduced, and I sleep 7 hours every night with very little broken sleep,” says Nichola. “Due to this, my moods have improved and I have much more energy. Before losing the weight, I used to suffer from horrendous headaches, but I rarely get them now.”

Overall Impact

By the time Nichola’s wedding arrived, she had lost a significant amount of weight and was able to fit into her dream dress. One year after she embarked on her weight loss journey, Nichola’s efforts had resulted in a loss of four stone.

“GoFigure has been excellent in helping me to manage my weight. Not only do these products work for me, but they also help keep me full throughout the day and, most importantly, don’t leave me feeling hungry all the time! With the GoFigure and SlimBiome combo, I now wake up feeling much more refreshed, my concentration is better, and I don’t have sluggish slumps in the day.

“After losing the weight, the nurse at my local doctor’s surgery was so shocked, she wanted to know more about how our gut, body composition and mood are linked together. I recommended SlimBiome to her at once and gave her further advice on where to find more information on the how the gut microbiome works. Thanks to SlimBiome for giving me my confidence back!”



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