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Initially, three years ago or so, I drank and munched it in order to lose weight. Two shakes a day, plus two bars and a healthy meal. Bingo. The best part was that I felt drastically better: more alert and stronger, bursting with energy. I found that I generally ate less.

What really changed, though, was the effect GoFigure shakes had on my general well-being. Mood swings, particularly in the morning, were gone. Ask my husband. Bloating of the stomach? Firmly assigned to the past. This GoFigure stuff simply makes me feel better: it is super fuel. I am now almost 54 years old and fitter than I was 15 years ago. Would I have ever thought that I would be able to cycle up stages of the Tour de France?  

(*results may vary from person to person)


I started using the GoFigure shakes and bars a couple of months ago. I go to the gym regularly, and didn’t really feel like I needed to lose a lot of weight, but I did want to control my cravings and eat more healthily. I work in an office and it can be very easy to fall into unhealthy eating habits and end up eating cake and biscuits during the day.

I immediately noticed that I wasn’t feeling as hungry during the day after starting the GoFigure shake regime. Usually at work I will get the ‘post-lunch slump’ where I feel groggy and tired in the afternoon, but when using the GoFigure products I don’t seem to get that at all. I also find myself walking past the office cake and biscuits without feeling tempted. It is great not to have to rely on my own self-control to resist unhealthy food!*

(*results may vary from person to person)


I was feeling tired and felt like I was losing control of my body and my lifestyle.

Being on your programme was a truly inspirational experience. Having gone from dedicated couch potato to a person who looks forward to outdoor exercising can only be a good thing. The new GoFigure products are part of my weight maintenance plan going forward.*

Thank you from the heart, Lucy x

(*results may vary from person to person)


My husband and I have been using the GoFigure products for about three years now. We had both got very frustrated with short-term diets that didn’t actually help us to lose weight and keep it off long term. We have both found the GoFigure products are so easy to use, and best of all they help us to achieve gradual and sustained weight loss! I feel much healthier now, and my cholesterol level has dropped as well.  

I usually use the shakes and bars during the day, and then have a normal meal in the evening. The shakes and bars definitely keep you going during the day, I often don’t even notice that it is lunchtime because I don’t feel hungry. *

(*results may vary from person to person)


I have always loved summer but having to wear a bikini on the beach was making me really stressed.

Thank you GoFigure! I love the results so far. It has inspired others around me. I have not looked like this in years and can’t wait for my holiday.*

Bring on the beach! Leti x

(*results may vary from person to person)


I am 89 years of age and have found that using GoFigure shakes and bars not only so easy but has reduced my weight by 10lbs to a healthier level for my arthritic bones and a hip replacement. My cholesterol levels have reduced since commencing with GoFigure and I am fit and healthy for my age which I attribute to maintaining my weight loss by using these products.*


(*results may vary from person to person)


I loved the good things in life and was paying the price physically. The pounds had started to show and I was losing my party glow.

I am so proud of myself and my achievements since starting on GoFigure. I am determined to continue on my new path of health and fitness and will make GoFigure a central part of that.*

Mariangela x

(*results may vary from person to person)