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Impact of SlimBiome® on satiety, satiation, weight loss and gut microbiome composition in overweight & obese women

Costabile A

Keleszade E

Willner T

Kolida S

Patterson M

Trangmar S


SlimBiome is a patented formulation designed to promote the feeling of fullness, burn calories by promoting a healthy metabolism and to maintain blood sugar levels. SlimBiome reduces food cravings and as such helps reduce body weight and aids the sustainability of weight loss.


Investigate the effect of SlimBiome, as the functional ingredient in a calorie restricted diet plan (using GoFigure®), on weight loss, satiety, satiation, mood and gut microbiome composition in a human intervention study.


  • 4-week, prospective, open label study
  • 12 females (18-65 years), BMI 25-35kg/m2
  • Participants were asked to consume 9g SlimBiome® daily, delivered through the GoFigure® plan
  • Anthropometric, mood and craving parameters were recorded weekly
  • Faecal samples were obtained at baseline and at the end of the 4-week study for metagenomic analysis


The following graphs showcase the findings based on the University of Roehampton's research. Whereby the Green Square represents the values prior to the individuals participating in the study, and the green showing the results post 4 weeks.

The top line indicator is showing the highest value individual that took part in the study , the middle line indicator is the average for the group and the bottom line indicator is the lowest value individual.

This shows that GoFigure has a significant result on weight loss over a period of 4 weeks.

This graphic highlights GoFigure has a positive result on helping to reduce BMI significantly.

The GoFigure meal replacement diet provided a significant finding in reducing waist circumference.

Hip circumference was drastically reduced using GoFigure's meal replacement diet plan.

Additionally, a secondary benefit of consuming SlimBiome through the GoFigure diet highlighted a decrease in systolic blood pressure for participants in the study.

Improvements in consumers moods were noted, as weight was consecutively improved, it is concluded that psychologically participants felt 'better' in themselves for achieving weight loss.

Lastly, participants were found to have a decreased savoury cravings, which after the first week, continued at a consistent rate thereafter.

Study Highlights

Based on the findings, it can be stated that SlimBiome utilising a meal replacement diet plan (GoFigure) significantly reduced:
• Weight
• BMI & % body fat
• Waist & hip circumference
• Systolic blood pressure
• Improved mood over a period of time
• Help reduce cravings for savoury foods

SlimBiome® reduced cravings for savoury and sweet foods, had a positive impact on gut microbiome and mediated significant weight loss in overweight to obese women.

Study Conclusions

SlimBiome® may be used as an effective means of supporting hunger-free weight management when combined with healthy eating.

Conflict of interest
The authors declare no conflict of interest. This human intervention study was funded by OptiBiotix health PLC and carried out independently by Oxford Brookes University