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SlimBiome Testimonials


I am now at the end of my first month and am extremely happy with the product. I am on long-term treatment with warfarin so I only take one sachet per day in the morning, as I do not want to upset my INR number. I find that just taking one sachet has reduced my "grazing" impulses and has taken me through to lunchtime (smaller portions) without any problem also finding it easier to eat a smaller meal in the evening as well. Over the month that I have been taking the product I have lost around 1.5 kilos. For people who wish to change their eating habits (for the better!) I think that this should be a game changer.

Dr Christopher Gilberthorpe

Used SlimBiome Medical one sachet before dinner and had a low carb diet for 8 weeks. Starting weight was 88.5KG and weight after 8 weeks was 79.1KG I had minimal episodes of hunger easily managed eating a stick of celery. I had no negative side effects. I felt physically and mentally well throughout the 8 weeks with elevation of mood. I had no cravings for unhealthy foods such as chocolate,biscuits etc SlimBiome made it very easy to change to and maintain a healthy low carbohydrate diet. Taking SlimBiome Medical has obvious advantages over low calorie meal replacements as normal,nourishing and enjoyable meals can be continued. I would definitely recommend this product.

Suzanne D

Have used these SlimBiome sachets as an addition to another diet plan. The other diet plan is good in the sense that you can have ready prepared replacement low calorie meals instead of just a shake (so you feel like you’re actually eating something) but, like with pretty much all Calorie restricted diet plans, I was still feeling hungry and was losing the self control and discipline battle. This is where the SlimBiome sachets have really helped me... by using only one sachet a day between either my breakfast and lunch or my lunch and dinner (depending on when my cravings are hitting me on any particular day) it has minimised my hunger pangs to within a manageable limit. Lost just shy of a stone already without suffering, so very happy.

Greig T

I have been using @SlimBiomeMed from OptiBiotixOnlin for 45 days. I have taken 1 sachet each morning with my fruit smoothie. Experienced significant reduction in my snacking habits and as such have lost 6 lbs without really trying. It works, hurra

Rober H

I have to say the sachets really do work for me , I’m always full up to lunch , when I first started taking them I was taking the same amount of food to work and over eating out of habit , iv now adjusted and eating a lot less, only criticism is it sometimes doesn’t all dissolve properly ,

Kevin O

I purchased 4 packs of Slimbiome Medical for family members and next door neighbour. Currently I have only had feed back from my neighbour and she seems to be very impressed.


Nothing bad to say about this product, it mixes and tastes good and more importantly it helps you shift a few pounds.

Antony A

Very happy with this product, it dissolves very easily in water, tastes pleasant and most importantly it helps me manage my weight. I’ve lost almost 2kg in less than a month without feeling like I’ve been on a diet. Very happy customer

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