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SlimBiome Testimonials


I am now at the end of my first month and am extremely happy with the product. I am on long-term treatment with warfarin so I only take one sachet per day in the morning, as I do not want to upset my INR number. I find that just taking one sachet has reduced my "grazing" impulses and has taken me through to lunchtime (smaller portions) without any problem also finding it easier to eat a smaller meal in the evening as well. Over the month that I have been taking the product I have lost around 1.5 kilos. For people who wish to change their eating habits (for the better!) I think that this should be a game changer.

Antony A

Very happy with this product, it dissolves very easily in water, tastes pleasant and most importantly it helps me manage my weight. I’ve lost almost 2kg in less than a month without feeling like I’ve been on a diet. Very happy customer

Greig T

Nothing bad to say about this product, it mixes and tastes good and more importantly it helps you shift a few pounds.


I have been using @SlimBiomeMed from OptiBiotixOnlin for 45 days. I have taken 1 sachet each morning with my fruit smoothie. Experienced significant reduction in my snacking habits and as such have lost 6 lbs without really trying. It works, hurra

Rober H

I have to say the sachets really do work for me , I’m always full up to lunch , when I first started taking them I was taking the same amount of food to work and over eating out of habit , iv now adjusted and eating a lot less, only criticism is it sometimes doesn’t all dissolve properly ,

Kevin O

I purchased 4 packs of Slimbiome Medical for family members and next door neighbour. Currently I have only had feed back from my neighbour and she seems to be very impressed.

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