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What is SlimBiome®?

SlimBiome® is a patented award-winning weight management ingredient developed by world experts in hunger control (Prof Jason Halford), human metabolism, and the microbiome (Prof Bob Rastall) using evidence from the most up to date human clinical studies.  

Consisting of specifically chosen scientifically supported ingredients

Chicory Root Fibre (Prebiotic Fibre)

Chicory root fibre stimulates the growth of health positive bacteria to enhance/ maintain microbiome diversity. This helps by contributing to a more efficient digestion, and you guessed it, helps play a role in appetite management.

Who says science is boring!

Glucomannan (Dietary Fibre)

Glucomanan is a water-soluble dietary fibre that promotes the feeling of fullness (satiety). How it works is by taking up extra space in the stomach, which leads to you feeling fuller, and also delays the stomach from emptying.

This is the reason you feel full for longer and how we can promote GoFigure products as offering 'hunger-free dieting'.

Chromium (Trace Mineral)

Regulates the insulin response.

Chromium helps the action of insulin, promoting the breakdown of carbohydrates (sugars) and fat in the body. It is also known to support the maintenance of a healthy metabolic rate. Which is basically the rate at which you burn calories.

SlimBiome can make three EFSA (European Food Safety Association) claims

Glucomannan contributes to the reduction of body weight in the context of an energy-restricted diet"

- Commission Regulation (EU) 432/2012)

On the basis that at least 3 grams of glucomannan is consumed daily in three doses of at least 1 g each, together with 1-2 glasses of water before meals, in the context of an energy-restricted diet.

Chromium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels"

- Commission Regulation (EU) 432/2012)

Chromium contributes to normal macronutrient metbolism"

- Commission Regulation (EU) 432/2012)

SlimBiome works by

Promoting the feeling of fullness and reducing food cravings

Maintaining blood sugar levels and contributing to the maintenance of a healthy metabolism

Promoting good gut health and microbiome diversity

It comes with award-winning credibility

Best Functional Ingredient for Health & Wellbeing
Food Matters Live 2017

Winning this award required the ingredient to have scientific evidence behind it, as well as details on how it is helping to advance innovation in functional food, drink and supplements. Which is why it's super impressive that SlimBiome came out on top!

Ingredient of the Year: Weight Management
NutraIngredients 2018

A sought after and prestigious title, only contenders with scientific evidence behind weight management properties could partake let alone win. Not only this, but it had to have genuine consumer interest and success. With SlimBiome (found in GoFigure) having amazing feedback from customers, and with so many success stories behind it, award number 2 within a year was obtained.

How do I know it will help me with weight management?


The ingredients in SlimBiome are backed by over 1000 scientific publications containing data from clinical studies which demonstrate they help people lose weight. There is also an increasing number of independent studies on SlimBiome which show a positive on hunger, food intake, and food choice.

Trust in safety

The ingredients within SlimBiome have European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approval.  This provides reassurance that the ingredients are safe and that any nutrition or health claims are supported by science. This ensures consumers are not misled by false advertising claims.

Customer experience

Consumer surveys, case studies and customer feedback have shown that 100% of customers questioned lost weight, typically 2-3lbs per week. This was due to the fact that consumers had fewer food cravings and hunger pangs leading to easier dieting and more successful weight loss.
Independent studies from Oxford Brookes University shows that volunteers who took SlimBiome changed their food choices, had reduced cravings for sweet food types and ate less fatty food. Whilst this was a small study these results are consistent with customer feedback on GoFigure products. Read about the study by clicking here!

Developed by leading universities in the field, and key opinion leaders in weight management

Professor Jason Halford

Professor Bob Rastall

Dr Sofia Kolida