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GoFigure Dinner Ideas

Sample Guidelines

We're fans of keeping it simple!

If you're looking to lose weight healthily, then our 2-2-go plan is just for you. It simply means replacing breakfast and lunch with one of our delicious and whole replacement shakes. Then, having one of our fabulous flapjacks between meals to top up the energy levels and keep the mind further from those tempting snack attacks. If you're looking to maintain weight, just replace one meal with a shake and one bar, or what feels most comfortable for you. Combine each with a large glass of water and that's it!

The great thing about GoFigure is that you get to decide what healthy dinner you have. However, if you were looking for inspiration, we have you covered thought we'd help make it a little easier for you to make healthy choices for dinner. You'll be able to find some examples below of what you could be enjoying. There are no complicated recipes that take up half your evening to make, just easy to follow ideas that are easy to stick too!


20% lean roast meat,
40% steamed vegetables,
40% roasted sweet/ new potatoes


20% steamed broccoli,
30% wholewheat pasta with tomato sauce,
50% fresh salad with a drizzle of dressing



30% baked chicken,
30% brown rice with peas,
40% fresh salad


25% small jacket potatoe with 5% tuna with cottage cheese,
30% steamed green vegetables,
40% salad

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