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The GoFigure calorie restricted plan

Breakfast (200 kcal)

Enjoy a delicious GoFigure shake for breakfast to start your day right!

Mid-morning snack (110 kcal)

Suppress those cravings for an unhealthy snack with a tasty flapjack bar, that will take you smooth sailing to lunch.

Lunch (200 kcal)

Morning is long past and it's time to fill up with a nutritionally delicious shake. Say goodbye to afternoon hunger pangs, they're a thing of the past!

Late Afternoon Snack (110 kcal)

Top the levels up before dinner with your second flapjack of the day. Whether it's cranberry coconut, cacao orange or nutty peanut, they're all nutritional and yum!

Healthy Dinner (600-800 kcal)

You've sailed through the day, with not a single unhealthy snack to touch your lips. Great job! You've earned that delicious healthy dinner. Check out some ideas here.

Anyone can lose weight by reducing their calorific intake, what usually hampers the efforts is the nagging cravings which often see a diet fail. GoFigure is a next generation weight management range that stands apart from the crowd as it offers a calorie restricted approach to dieting, but without the hunger cravings that normally come hand in hand. Meaning it helps you, to help yourself!

Our 2-2-go plan has been based around the scientific studies for the amount of SlimBiome® (the natural fibre and mineral ingredient found in GoFigure) to deliver the best weight management results. GoFigure pushes back hunger cravings, helps support a healthy gut and subsequently can also improve mood. It achieves this due to the glucomannan and chicory root fibre content, which keeps you feeling fuller for longer (whilst keeping your gut healthy too!). Chromium is included to assist with consistent blood sugar levels, helping control the cravings. Also, by consuming two of our nutritionally wholesome shakes in a day, you're receiving two thirds of your required vitamin and mineral daily amount, meeting meal replacement regulations.

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"GoFigure is super fuel. Whatever is in there, it has helped me get fitter, gives me boundless energy and propelled me up the Col du Portillon, which is a famous stage of the Tour de France. Absolutely incredible how GoFigure has changed my general well-being."