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Better Health... Naturally


GoFigure Lifestyle

GoFigure is not just a product range, it’s a lifestyle choice, a choice made for improved health and wellbeing for anyone and on any day.

We strive for everyday, great tasting products filled with healthy and natural ingredients, suited for the healthy lifestyle. So what’s great with GoFigure is that it’s super easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Simply consume a shake for breakfast and lunch, then enjoy a healthy dinner of your choice. Oh and don’t forget a delicious flapjack between meals (consumed between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner). That's it, you’re all set!

The healthy lifestyle

We see achieving a healthy lifestyle as the combination of healthy eating alongside regular exercise. It's also about weight management, as our products help maintain the hard work that you put in to get where you are or want to be on an ongoing basis, and not a one-hit wonder. We aso understand it's easy enough to slip back into an old diet routine after all the hard work, meaning all those previous steps forward, become steps back. No one wants to repurchase a recently filled wardrobe after all (it’s costly too!).

We're the first to admit, the GoFigure range of meal replacements and flapjacks isn’t a fast fix for extreme weight loss, but it is a healthy sustainable approach to weight management supported by scientific evidence. What many forget about is that losing weight is just part of the battle, maintaining it is another challenge, so incorporating GoFigure into your daily routine will help you keep the lb’s where they belong... off!

For those on a sustainable weight loss mission, it will be good to know that on average, our customers over a 3-week period loose between 7-9 lbs. So what are you waiting for? Click the inviting button on the right!

Our 2-2-go plan

Healthy Dinner

You've sailed through the day, with not a single unhealthy nasty to touch your lips. Great job! You've earnt that delicuous healthy dinner.

Late Afternoon Snack

Top the levels up before dinner with your second flapjack of the day. Whether it's cranberry coconut, cacao orange or nutty peanut, they're all nutritional and yum!


Enjoy a delicious GoFigure shake for breakfast to start your day right!

Mid-morning Snack

Supress those cravings for an unhealthy snack with a tasty Flapjack bar, that will take you smooth sailing to lunch.


Morning is long past and it's time to fill up with a nutritionally delicious shake. Say goodbye to hunger pangs, they're now a thing of the past!

Stuck on ideas for dinner? Let us help you out!


Roast O'Clock

Founders of GoFigure

GoFigure was founded by Max and Filipa Tomlinson. A duo dedicated to encouraging people to live healthy lives through regular exercise and healthy eating. A passion became a business, in order to tackle growing obesity levels and to make weight management easy for anyone, and not be a chore or something you would rather hit snooze on.

Having worked with celebrities such as the likes of Davina McCall in her “Get Fit with Davina”, Max also worked with others such as, Annie Lennox, Kylie Minogue, Richard Gere, Rowan Atkinson, members of the British, Bahrain and Greek Royal families. Max headed up the health team at KX Gym in Chelsea, England’s most exclusive health club. Some of the club’s members included Kylie Minogue, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hugh Grant, Natalie Imbruglia and SEAL. There has also been recognition in the mainstream media such as New Scientist.