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Weight Management Packed With Fibre

GoFigure is the scientific answer for those looking to lose or maintain weight by providing a will-power free solution. 

  • Filled to the brim with healthy and great for you ingredients
  • No artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives*!
  • Each product has the patented and award-winning SlimBiome®, which is clinically supported by scientific evidence for weight management. SlimBiome contains:
    • Dietary fibres which help you to feel fuller for longer and push back food cravings
    • Prebiotic fibres to feed the good bacteria in your body and support a healthier gut
    • The mineral chromium picolinate to help maintain consistent glucose levels. This contributes to reduced food cravings as sugar level dropping can lead to you grabbing a top up snack

You can find GoFigure products right here, on Amazon, in wholefood stores as well as in selected pharmacies. 

Want to learn more about GoFigure or how much individuals lose on average? Check it out by   

*Two muesli flavours contain minuscule amounts of preservative (as processing aids) to keep specific ingredients within fresh.

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Code Use: DEAL22 - 22% off!
Code Use: DEAL22 - 22% off!