GoFigure Complete Range

The GoFigure range promotes healthy and sustainable weight management. This means our products are formulated to help those who are looking to shed some pounds by providing will-power free weight loss which comes as part of our 2-2-go plan or simply help to maintain a current weight. They're also a fantastic alternative for those who live busy lives and just need a quick convenient healthy meal or snack on the go, but don't want something filled with nasty additives, or loaded with added sugar.

GoFigure products are filled to the brim with super good for you ingredients, and contain the likes of protein, fibre, gluten-free oats, pressed fruits, nuts as well as important vitamins and minerals your body needs. They are also the FIRST range in the world to contain the patented ingredient SlimBiome® (which consists of 3 key ingredients - a dietary fibre, a prebiotic fibre and a mineral) which is supported by scientific evidence for evidence-based weight management!

The best part about these products is that they help you to feel fuller for longer and push back hunger cravings that normally lead to unnecessary snacking or poor food choices. The inclusion of fibre and prebiotics means you benefit from a healthier gut for a healthier you on the inside too. Plus the mineral chromium helps to keep glucose levels consistent, so your energy levels don't spike after each meal. This also helps reduce food cravings too, as when your sugar dips, you're brain is more likely going to tell you to eat something else to lift the dip.

You can find them available right here, on Amazon, as well as selected pharmacies. Contact us for the closest stockist to you!

Looking to take on weight loss? Well, when we asked our GoFigure customers taking part in the 2-2-go plan a survey, we found:

 - 100% of customers over a continued period lost weight. Equalling an average of 2-3lbs per week, leading to a reduction of 7-9 lbs over 3-weeks.
 - 100% of customers reported that using GoFigure® products helped reduce their food intake.
93% of customers reported reduced snacking. 

We also don't use any artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives!

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