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There is nothing plain about this porridge! Every serving is packed with dietary fibre to keep you feeling fuller for longer, prebiotic fibre to support gut health, a trace mineral to curb food cravings and oats rich in beta-glucans to promote healthy cholesterol levels. 

The perfect option to start your day or provide a filling lunch that is healthy and full of fibre. 

Supports Healthy Weight Management | Helps Lower Cholesterol | Promotes Gut Health | High Fibre | Source of Protein | Suitable for Vegans | Low Saturated Fat | Very Low in Salt | Low Sugar | 7 Servings (420g Pouch) | 3g SlimBiome Per Serving

Why choose our GoFigure porridge?

Containing the patented SlimBiome® weight management ingredient alongside British oats, our porridge combines fantastic functionality in combination with award-winning science that is proven to support sustainable weight management.

Our porridge takes up extra space in the stomach, making it easier to go between meals without the typical ‘food thoughts’ taking over. It also maintains blood glucose levels, to help curb those food cravings that lead to unnecessary snacking.

Alongside SlimBiome, our porridge contains oats high in beta-glucans, which helps to manage cholesterol more effectively by reducing the intestinal uptake of dietary cholesterol.

With each serving providing 8.3g of fibre, that is over 25% of the recommended intake according to the UK government for adults. All that fibre is excellent in helping to improve gut health and support a diverse microbiome, the fascinating part of our body that houses trillions of bacteria that play an important role in our general wellbeing.

Interested in learning more about the science behind SlimBiome? Click here!

What is SlimBiome?

A combination of ingredients that have comprehensive studies supporting their effectiveness in delivering health benefits, formulated together in a unique way and supported by studies from Oxford Brookes University and the University of Roehampton on weight management.

  • Konjac Fibre (Glucomannan) - A dietary fibre that gently expands in the stomach to take up additional space whilst delaying the stomach from emptying). This leads to an enhanced feeling of fullness.
  • Chicory Root Fibre – A prebiotic which encourages the growth of health positive bacteria in the gut, associated with a diverse microbiome.
  • Chromium – A mineral that promotes healthy metabolism (the rate of which our bodies burn calories) alongside curbing food cravings through the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.

Directions for use

Simply add 60g of porridge into a bowl & then either

  1. Add boiling water, allow the porridge to cool down before consuming, or
  1. Add your choice of milk or fruit juice & consume immediately

Don’t forget to give it a good stir! For some great results, try mixing in Flavour Boosters for some delicious combinations.

Feel free to include some fruit/nuts for some added flavour. 

Get creative and add our porridge to other foodstuffs, or even use it in baking!

It’s important to have a varied & balanced diet, & healthy lifestyle.


Rolled oats, [Chicory Root Fibre, Glucomannan, Chromium Picolinate (SlimBiome®)].

For allergens, see ingredients in BOLD.

Made in a facility that also handles gluten.