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  • Meal replacement Shakes for weight loss

  • Contains scientifically proven SlimBiome

  • Feel fuller for longer

  • Diet shakes that are good for the gut

  • Shown to improve mood

Be Happy Not Hungry Scientifically Proven For Weight Loss

GoFigure® Meal Replacement Milkshakes are a next-generation weight loss and management range that offers an effective and convenient calorie-restricted approach to dieting, but without the hunger cravings that come with it! And yes, we have the studies to prove it.

  • Used in clinical studies for weight loss
  • Supports the feeling of fullness
  • Reduces sweet and fatty cravings
  • Shown to improve mood through promoting gut health

Shakes, A Nutritionally Complete Meal For Weight Loss

Unlike other meal replacement shakes, GoFigure® Meal Replacement diet shakes with SlimBiome® contain real food ingredients with all the healthy nutrients your body craves in one delicious tasting liquid meal. Providing 16g of protein, 4.5g of dietary fibre and 24 vitamins and minerals per serving.

  • 24 added vitamins and minerals
  • 16g of quality protein
  • Added Prebiotics
  • High in fibre

Flavour - A Top Priority In Diet Shakes

Our milkshake flavours are next level. We have gone through extensive testing with our shake flavours along with aiming to provide the correct thick creamy texture. Our meal replacement shakes for weight loss are infused with carefully selected ingredients with unique flavourings to deliver an unmatched flavour experience.

  • No artificial flavours
  • No artificial colours
  • Added Prebiotics
  • High in fibre

Award-Winning SlimBiome

SlimBiome consists of a scientifically backed patented mix of three core components. SlimBiome® has been tried and tested in 2 clinical studies to support our claims. These trials were independently carried out by of Oxford Brookes University and Roehampton University in the UK.

  • Konjac Root (Glucomannan) - A dietary fibre that provides the feeling of fullness. Achieved by gently taking up space in the stomach whilst delaying the stomach from emptying
  • Fructo-oligosaccharide - A prebiotic which helps to stimulate the growth of health positive bacteria in the gut. This, in turn, promotes good gut health and microbiome diversity
  • Chromium - Is the mineral that helps contribute to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels

Best Used With The 2-2-Go Diet Plan

Join our call for healthy and sustainable weight loss with GoFigure’s® range!

Join our call for healthy and sustainable weight loss with GoFigure’s® range! Our diet shakes are part of the 2-2-go plan and based on scientific studies for the amount of SlimBiome® to deliver the best weight loss and weight management results. GoFigure pushes back hunger cravings, suppresses appetites, helps support a healthy gut and subsequently can improve mood.

Using a daily routine of two GoFigure® Meal Replacement Shakes with two GoFigure snacks and a healthy meal in the evening may be used as an effective means of supporting hunger-free weight management and weight loss. Reducing your chances of failure!