It's launch day for OptiBiotix Online

It's launch day for OptiBiotix Online

OpiBiotix Online

First of all, welcome to OptiBiotix Online! Our newly launched store is focused on bringing you products that have scientific backing and research to support a healthy lifestyle.

GoFigure®, previously found at for the previous 2 years has found a new e-home here, but it's business as usual, with the same great tasting and nutritionally whole weight management range as before. So for those who are familiar with GoFigure, welcome again! We hope you enjoy the new site. Also, look out for more news as we introduce our next product soon due for release in mid-Autumn. 

CholBiome®, is a brand new product in the market that provides cholesterol management. Utilising the patented probiotic LPLDL®, and its scientific supported research on lowering LDL cholesterol whilst increasing HDL cholesterol, it's a game changer in its area.  

Join us in celebrating the launch of the newOptiBiotix Online store with a 10% discount code on all orders purchased this opening week. Enter OPTISTORE at the checkout under this discount code to enjoy.

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