Turmeric and ginger healthy breakfast

Spice Up Your Day - The Importance of Turmeric & Ginger

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Looking for a healthy breakfast on the go? Put a spring in your step with a hum-zinger start to the morning by choosing GoFigure's turmeric and ginger muesli pot.

We don't believe following a weight management programme means turning your back on taste. This is a breakfast packed with flavour, high in fibre and contains the patented ingredient SlimBiome® to promote the feeling of fullness.

Teamed with the invigorating combination of turmeric and ginger, GoFigure's muesli pot draws on a wealth of wellbeing properties. The root of the turmeric plant has been used for its medicinal qualities for many years. The bright yellow spice contains curcumin, a powerful antioxidant which, like ginger, helps to regulate inflammation. It can kickstart the body's own defence system against free radicals, which are highly reactive molecules that can damage cells and tissues. This makes turmeric a natural anti-ageing and antibacterial agent. Curcumin's effect in the body could even help prevent and treat cancer according to a number of ongoing studies.

Ginger also has wide-ranging anti-inflammatory qualities and is used to boost the immune system. It is a well-known aid for settling the stomach and reducing nausea as the ingredient can promote healthy digestion. Studies have shown ginger to have a regulatory effect on blood sugar, putting a stop to those energy slumps which can result in quick-fix snacking. Instead ginger can act as a natural stimulant, perfect for those looking to introduce more exercise into their busy lifestyles.

And as increasing activity levels is a key part of GoFigure's 2-2-go meal plan, our turmeric and ginger muesli really is food for thought.

GoFigure works on enhancing the microbiome (a key part where the good bacteria lives within the gut) due to the inclusion of prebiotic fibres. The good microorganisms found here play a key role in wellbeing. The composition of the gut microbiota also changes over a period of time as diet evolves, meaning what you eat plays a very important role in health. 

 With a muesli pot for breakfast, slimming shake for lunch, dinner of your choice and healthy flapjacks to top up with between meals, GoFigure supports a calorie controlled diet while also helping you to feel fuller for longer – it’s a simple meal plan to lose weight! Our products provide slow release energy which helps reduce glucose spikes, while research shows SlimBiome can help reduce cravings for sweet and fatty foods.

Out of our five muesli flavours, turmeric and ginger surprise our customers in the most delicious way. It has all the right ingredients to brighten your day and boost weight management success.

 Why not choose a fresh start to every morning?

 If you’re looking for a healthy breakfast on the go or a simple meal plan to lose weight or maintain weight, check out the GoFigure product range.

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